At Ruhija Gorilla Friends Resort Campsite, we have space for self campers who want to stay with us. Our self camping space can accommodate more than 10 campers on a flattened and well-managed grass surface.

While camping with us, you can rest assured that you and your property are very secure as we have security guards to ensure your safety. Besides our own security, Ruhija is generally a peaceful place and you will be safe even beyond our campsite.

Our campers get facilities such as the shared bathrooms with hot water and can also use the restaurant's dining area for lounging and interaction. Food from the restaurant is made on order by the chef and can be served to you in the dining area or in your tent.

For self campers who come with their own tents, we charge 10 USD per night for each tent. In the event that you want to camp but have no tent, you can rent one from us at 15 USD per night. Since the temperatures can get really low in Ruhija, campers - as with other visitors are advised to carry enough warm clothing.